Montclair’s Punto Rosso Restaurant Offers Gluten-Free Italian Food

The restaurant has the “first authentic Italian food in Montclair that’s prepared by a certified gluten-free chef.”


MONTCLAIR, NJ — Looking for authentic Italian food in Montclair prepared by a certified Gluten Free chef? Then Punto Rosso, recently opened at 6 Park Street, may be about to expand your dining options.

According to a news release from the restaurant, it’s the “first authentic Italian food in Montclair that’s prepared by a certified gluten-free chef.” The restaurant also features a full menu of small-batch, freshly prepared meals based on original family recipes.

“Our goal at Punto Rosso is to accommodate our customer’s unique dietary needs by serving them delicious Italian food that doesn’t compromise on taste,” said Duke Carlino, whose family owns La Riviera Trattoria in Clifton. “We serve exclusive culinary creations that my family has been crafting for over 36 years, with a gluten-free menu that’s been delighting customers for nine years. We’re looking forward to making it all available to Montclair’s discriminating diners.”

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According to the restaurant, Carlino and chef/co-owner Ryan Vargo designed the layout of their kitchen to deliver safe, gluten-free dining for those with celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders. Both Carlino and his sister Maria, who is the restaurant’s manager, have earned official certification from the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), the food industry’s leader in the certification of gluten-free products and food services.

In addition to the items created in Punto Rosso’s kitchen, the restaurant will also serve sweets baked by Carlinos’s company, Duke’s Gluten-Free Desserts – which are featured in restaurants across the Tri-State area.

Punto Rosso also brings a number of other distinguishing elements to its customers, spokespeople stated:

  • Non-GMO, organic ingredients imported from Italy
  • Fresh mozzarella that’s “made on the premises”
  • Pasta that made fresh daily using the family’s recipes
  • 100% organic, grass-fed meats
  • Small batch, freshly prepared, made-to-order dishes

“I developed my passion for cooking as a pasta maker for Franco Carlino, who’s Duke and Maria’s dad and the owner of La Riviera,” said Vargo, who had previously been the chef at Porto in Livingston and North Bergen. “We’re taking the classic dishes that Franco invented and adding a modern touch to them that will bring an entirely new dining experience to our customers at Punto Rosso.”